Individual Sessions

YOU can decide if you are looking for a coaching model or more of a “talk therapy” approach for treatment. (Or a mixture of both!) Each model can also be adapted to fit couple’s and/or family sessions.

Life Coaching 

As a CILC, I can offer resources and tools to help you work on pretty much any problem area that you are experiencing. Together we will discuss the goals of treatment, come up with tools to start working on these areas, and will monitor and adjust your action plan along the way as needed.

Addiction/Recovery Counseling

As an LCDC, I am also pleased to provide chemical dependency counseling and relapse prevention services to those wanting to focus on getting and staying sober from mind altering substances.

****Both models require an initial intake session which is typically 1.5 – 2 hours.

Transform Program

This model is a structured program that consists of 12 sessions and follows a workbook. It can be done individually with your coach if you prefer NOT to be in a group setting. See more information under the “Group Services” section.

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